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Without the limits of time and space

With excitement and pride, I present my new for the first time - my first e-book! The problem of sending the book abroad is finally solved!  

I myself continue to advocate for a paper book and don’t believe an electronic reader will kill it. Virtual books with paper compete no more than an airplane with walking.


The answer to the question "Is anyone here?" Depends on two things. From whether something is really here. And from the questioner, in the case of a book, to the reader: how much he is able to see, to master the text being read.

Osvaldas Rukšėnas, neurobiologist, professor



About the book

This is my eighth book. I don’t try to hit a goal at any goal, I just publicize the opinions of both the mystics apologists and its skeptics. I try to show every flash of the edges of the crystal ball of magical unknownness and thus confuse attitudes, arouse curiosity and doubt.

Mystical experiences awaken what the sense organs cannot give. Some call it a sense of God, some a one, and a third a synchronization. I call it a blink that reflects eternity.

  Today, it seems to me that all I have written so far has been just a warm-up, a cuddling of words, testing of writing. I gave birth to a real piece now. Trying to answer the question, "Is anyone here?"

"These stories are as easy to read as eating sunflower," says a friend. Others are reminiscent of the horror tales children share at the camp. And for me, they associate with the Indians by the campfire: the smoke smokes, the pipe travels in a circle, and with each attraction a new story spreads.

Some narrators sacredly believe in the authenticity of their experiences. Others admit that over time, they become more and more like a dream. When the mystical effect ends, the connection between the visible and the invisible world is cut off, the carriage turns into a pumpkin, the princess into an ashtray. And hesitation shakes: what to do with it now? Share kniet, but is it possible? And is it worth it? What’s the point of telling the magic of dawn or dusk to someone who doesn’t look up at the sky because they don’t believe it?

How are our and otherworldly worlds related? If the second is invisible, maybe it's like a Blue Beard room you can't go to? And why go if you know that still no one will believe you were there. Even the fulfillment of dreams is not proof: to our minds, the unknown of the afterlife seems so scary that it prefers to attribute all strange phenomena to coincidences, fantasies, and delusions. But our soul longs for those dreams, without them life would be colorless, meaningless. Is it worth robbing yourself?


"I do not think this book will leave anyone indifferent. Someone will get angry, someone will laugh. But the essence of this book is to show phenomena from all sides.

Jolanta Malakauskienė, psychologist

"It is far more hopeful to believe that loved ones live somewhere after death than to think that the only reincarnation takes place through microbes when they take our DNA and transfer it to other microbes."

Vaidotas Urbonas, pediatric gastroenterologist, professor

"I'm sure it's not us who chooses children, it's the children who choose us."

Danguolė Vildaitė, obstetrician and gynecologist

If a person makes you feel inferior when talking about their experiences, their experiences can be forgotten without any grief. Those who know the truth do not boast.

Rūta Visočnik, lawyer

Astral travel is a thing in itself that we all once paid for, but we forgot while living on Earth because we don’t really need it here.

Maya Gray, certified trainer at the Monroe Institute

Not everyone’s path has to be toward God. Only one twelfth of humanity should follow the path of spirituality. For others, this is a fallacy.

Loreta Stonkutė, astrologer, writer, teacher

The state of "the sky opens when the roof goes down" can be disastrous. Because you never know if "the Red Horse will not jump out of the thicket of the Christmas trees and will not hit the horn in the head."

Robert Badar, Clinical Toxicologist

Does nature need us to feel a transcendent one with it? Does it need more of us to try to survive? The feeling of one can arouse the realization that there is no need to fight.

Paulius Rakštikas, psychologist, diligent teacher

We need to feel not only as individuals, but also as part of something more. If we don’t connect with that something more, we may be in a spiritual crisis because of that lack of connection.

Tadas Stumbrys, psychologist, researcher

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