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Magical realism, stories of mystical experiences and an attempt to explain them. The book consists of three parts: the first - spontaneous mystical experiences; the second is the hallucinogenic state; Third - chat with scientists, doctors, psychologists, astrologers, socially active people of altered states of consciousness, brain s  activities  and the paradoxes of death.

AR ČIA KAS NORS YRA? Elektroninė knyga

  • The book "Is There Anyone Here?" the electronic version is in epub format. It is suitable for reading with both Android and Apple mobile devices. From the powerful e-book reading apps offered to OS Android users, we checked the book file with Aldiko, eReader Prestigio, FBFeader, Google Play Books, ReadEra. We think the most convenient way to read a book would be with  Google Play Books Gadget. By the way  ji  best conveys the original design of the book. For those who choose iOS, it’s even easier. The Apple Books app is installed on both the iPhone and iPad.

    The e-book "Is anyone here?" Passed the standard check performed by Pagina EPUB-Checker. We also conducted a more extensive review through the FlightDeck website. According to its results  the book meets the requirements of Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google, Kobo, Amazon, NetGalley.

    In the event of any inconvenience or reading problems, we undertake to refund the e-book.

    We invite you to share your comments and observations with us,  reading the electronic version of the book "Is anyone here?".

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